Reflective Coating Technologies is a South African company based in Johannesburg, dedicated to providing premium-quality roof coatings that address the primary concerns of building owners in terms of their roofs:

  • Longevity; and
  • Cost-saving in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.

With this in mind, we entered the market in 2011 with our Radiant Heat Barrier Coating product, Superflect. After having done extensive research and conducted our own independent tests over a number of years, we gained valuable insights into the merits and workability of cool roof technology, especially in the Southern African context.

Our business, however, is not only about supplying a premium-quality product, but also about ensuring that it is correctly applied by qualified professionals who value client relationships as much as we do.

That is why we have spent several years cultivating partnerships with reputable industry professionals who understand the value of service delivery in conjunction with the use of high-quality products and equipment.